Architecture, interior and Design.

CC-Atelier, that’s us. Together we develop and realise spatial concepts. We blur the boundaries between design, architecture and art and develop individual concepts for our clients.

In the blink of an eye, our client’s office building went through an amazing transformation, ready to embrace 200 employees with open arms! The space now beams with happiness, thanks to a burst of vibrant greenery. It’s not just an office; it’s a place where everyone can’t help but feel the joy of coming to work each day!

In our salon design near Lake Chiemsee, we’ve harmoniously blended elements for a clean, fresh, and charming ambiance. While we’ve added a touch of modernity by concealing some wood, we’ve kept just enough to maintain the house’s warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s a space where our thoughtful design dances between tradition and contemporary flair, promising a truly delightful experience.

Together with the client, we redesigned the general contractor’s plans and created a individual, spacious, comfy home for a family of five. Our custom solutions made it a bright, fun place that perfectly fits the family‚Äôs lifestyle and tastes.

In this project, we basically transformed the whole ’90s-style house into a modern home. We converted the wide staircase in the living room into a large, cosy couch to support the existing flowing and open room concept. Additionally, we crafted a stylish TV corner, a practical office room, and a vibrant dining area with a new kitchen.

Munich residence.

We infused the interior of a newly built house with heartfelt charm, creating a cozy haven for a family of four. Each room and every furnishing radiates with the family’s love and joy, turning their space into a truly heartwarming home.

Nestled on Munich’s Nockherberg, this apartment is a tailor-made tribute to living life to the fullest. Every piece of furniture joyfully reflects its owner’s taste, creating a unique and welcoming oasis. From the first glance at the design concepts, the air was thick with excited anticipation, as he geared up to start a life filled with joy in their personal retreat.

For this project, we designed this small room together with an 8-year-old boy, focusing on toy storage and easy cleanup. We created a slim wardrobe for his clothes and included a small workbench on the desk for his creative projects.