Salon am Chiemsee.

In our salon design near Lake Chiemsee, we’ve harmoniously blended elements for a clean, fresh, and charming ambiance. While we’ve added a touch of modernity by concealing some wood, we’ve kept just enough to maintain the house’s warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s a space where our thoughtful design dances between tradition and contemporary flair, promising a truly delightful experience.


Within just 3 months, we brought an extraordinary hairdressing salon to life. The star of our design are two mirrors with a diameter of 2 metres that pierce through the ceiling.

  • Salon remodelling and extension
  • Commercial space: 85 m2
  • Employees: 2
  • Completion: October 2023
  • Commissioning: LPH 1-8 (incl. interior fit-out)
  • Location: Chiemsee

Work-life balance

A large, semi-translucent curtain divides the customer area from the private space, seamlessly inviting the beautiful landscape into the salon.

dinner for two

We planed enough space for two fully equipped styling areas.

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